1. Joks Janssen

        Joks Janssen is an architect in Eindhoven. Since 2000 he has been attached as a Ph.D. student to the Faculty of Architecture’s Urban Development Capacity Group at Eindhoven University of Technology. The subject of his Ph.D. study, ‘Landscape between city and country’, is the genesis and handling of the urbanised territory of North Brabant, focusing on the area called De Peel. He publishes regularly in the magazine de Architect and is a visiting lecturer at the Architectural Academies of Til burg and Arnhem.
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      2. issues 1–90 are available for download

          • Joks Janssen

          issues 1–90 are available for download

            • Joks Janssen
        1. 16/12/2014
          Full interview OASE#93 "The Discourse on Landscape in the Low Countries" available online!

          Joachim Declerck, Frits Palmboom and Dirk Sijmons were interviewed on 26 June 2014 by Michiel Dehaene, Bruno Notteboom and Hans Teerds on the topic addressed in OASE#93 “Making landscape Public, Making Public Landscape”. The full inter view can be read online on our website.

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        2. 11/11/2014
          Film screening at launch OASE #93

          On November 20th OASE and the Architecture Film Festival, will screen “Robinson in Ruins” by Patrick Keiller in Floriscoop Rotterdam at the launch of the new OASE #93 magazine. The film will be introduced by the editors Michiel Dehaene and Claudia Faraone in English. Entrance is 5 euro. Seats are limited, please reserve a seat by filling in the form on the website of the AFFR.

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        3. 02/05/2014
          Call for papers OASE 94 | O.M.A. – The First Decade

          With this theme issue of OASE we would like to transcend national or polemical discussions, and look at the architectural production of O.M.A. during this first decade, leading to 1989 — a mythical but at the same time not very well-known period in the history of the office.

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        4. 29/04/2014
          Unique Presentation of OASE 91 in Amsterdam

          A conversation about atmosphere in architecture with Peter Zumthor, Juhani Pallasmaa and Gernot Böhme

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        5. 10/03/2014
          Now available: OASE 92. Codes and Continuities

          This issue of OASE magazine sheds light on a set of modernist architectural approaches that have languished in the shadow of their canonical counterparts.

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        6. 16/01/2014
          OASE 91 on the web

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        7. 17/12/2013
          Now available: OASE 91. Building Atmosphere

          This issue of OASE is all about Atmosphere as the core theme of architecture and is guest edited by renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa. They have identified atmosphere as the core theme of architecture, each in his own way.

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        8. 17/12/2013
          Leeuwendalersweg 623–667, 3 Scenes

          OASE asked filmmaker Nanouk Leopold and visual artist Daan Emmen to react on the collective space in a social housing block in the Kolenkitarea in Amsterdam by korth tielens architecten. Their contribution to issue #91 consists of a montage of 27 videostills and an online presentation.

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        9. 02/08/2013
          OASE at CCA, Montreal

          OASE editor Véronique Patteeuw in conversation with Pierre Chabart (Criticat) on architectural publishing on August 8th

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        10. 19/06/2013
          OASE 90 in Abitare 533

          “Abitare” and the OASE editors talk about OASE 90

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