1. Gus Tielens

        (b. 1971) is an architect and co-founder of korth tielens architecten in Amsterdam. The office works in the field of architecture, public space and infrastructure. She was trained at the Technical University of Berlin and Delft University of Technology. In 2006 korth tielens architects received the Prins Bernhard Cultural Funds’ Charlotte Köhler Prize for architecture and in 2012 the Zuiderkerk Prize. Besides her work as an architect she works for various architecture and art schools and and is an editor of OASE.
        [last updated in 2013]

      2. issues 1–92 are available for download

        • Gus Tielens

        issues 1–92 are available for download

        • Gus Tielens
    1. 18/01/2016
      Now available: OASE 95. Crossing Boundaries. Transcultural Practices in Architecture and Urbanism

      This issue of OASE takes as its point of departure the cross-cultural conditions in which architects, urban designers and landscape architects work. It focuses in particular on architects working in a condition of displacement – in other words in relation to cultures, far away or nearby, that are not their own.

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    2. 12/11/2015
      Audio recording presentation OASE 94 online on YouTube

      The audio recording of the presentation of OASE 94 with Rem Koolhaas in De Kunsthal on 3 September 2015 is now available online on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/OMUWyFEI9p8

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    3. 17/08/2015
      Presentation of OASE 94 with Rem Koolhaas on Thursday 3 September 2015 in The Kunsthal

      Editors Christophe Van Gerrewey and Véronique Patteeuw will talk with Rem Koolhaas about the first decade of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

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    4. 12/08/2015
      OASE 94: Parc de la Villette competition 1982 - CORRECTION

      Mr. Bernard Tschumi has informed the editors of OASE of a misattribution in the text of George Baird, published in OASE 94 (OMA The First Decade), on the competition for Parc de la Villette in 1982.

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    5. 09/07/2015
      Call for papers OASE 96 | SOCIAL POETICS _ The Architecture of Use and Appropriation

      The Architecture of Use and Appropriation.
      This issue of OASE is situated within a tradition that gives a central role to questions of use and appropriation in architectural reflection. The general attention to use and appropriation is part and parcel of a layered critique of architecture.

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    6. 15/05/2015
      Translucent oppositions. OMA’s proposal for the 1980 Venice Architecture Biennale. Léa-Catherine Szacka in conversation with Rem Koolhaas and Stefano de Martino

      Exhibitions and performative spaces have long been at the centre of OMA’s – and now mostly AMO’s – work. Two key exhibitions of the late 20th century roughly bookend the time span covered by OASE 94 – which title is inspired by OMA’s The First Decade 1989 show at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. On the one hand, OMA’s participation in the Strada Novissima at the First International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, for which a facade had been elaborated between 1979 and 1980; and on the other hand, the Deconstructivist Architecture exhibition that opened in June 1988 at the MoMA in New York. Yet the Strada Novissima facade has been omitted from all OMA’s chronologies. What sense can we make of that project and what did it represent? Which were the commonalities between OMA’s agonistic participation and other projects featuring Koolhaas’ paradoxical use of history?

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    7. 16/04/2015
      Now available: OASE 94. OMA. The First Decade

      This thematic issue of OASE sheds new light on the architectural production of OMA during its first decade (1978-1989) – a mythical but at the same time not very well known period in the history of the world-famous office of Rem Koolhaas.

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    8. 16/12/2014
      Full interview OASE#93 "The Discourse on Landscape in the Low Countries" available online!

      Joachim Declerck, Frits Palmboom and Dirk Sijmons were interviewed on 26 June 2014 by Michiel Dehaene, Bruno Notteboom and Hans Teerds on the topic addressed in OASE#93 “Making landscape Public, Making Public Landscape”. The full inter view can be read online on our website.

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    9. 11/11/2014
      Film screening at launch OASE #93

      On November 20th OASE and the Architecture Film Festival, will screen “Robinson in Ruins” by Patrick Keiller in Floriscoop Rotterdam at the launch of the new OASE #93 magazine. The film will be introduced by the editors Michiel Dehaene and Claudia Faraone in English. Entrance is 5 euro. Seats are limited, please reserve a seat by filling in the form on the website of the AFFR.

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    10. 02/05/2014
      Call for papers OASE 94 | O.M.A. – The First Decade

      With this theme issue of OASE we would like to transcend national or polemical discussions, and look at the architectural production of O.M.A. during this first decade, leading to 1989 — a mythical but at the same time not very well-known period in the history of the office.

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